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UHAMKA Won Scientific Presentation Competition at the "World of Addiction 2018"

The Muhammadiyah University of Prof. Dr. HAMKA (UHAMKA) participated in the scientific presentation competition at the "World of A...

The Muhammadiyah University of Prof. Dr. HAMKA (UHAMKA) participated in the scientific presentation competition at the "World of Addiction 2018" scientific meeting hosted by The Institute of Mental Health, Addiction, and Neuroscience (IMAN) on March 16-17, 2018. The scientific meeting was held in Jakarta on the topic of "Drug Addiction Management: Enhancing Competencies of Health Professionals". UHAMKA, represented by dr. Rizki Edmi Edison Ph.D., won the first place while the second and third positions were won by participants from the University of Indonesia and the University of Gajah Mada.

This scientific meeting discussed the handling of addiction and drugs by presenting national and international speakers from several countries: Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Thailand, Malaysia, and Norway. The meeting was evoked by the increasing number of drug users in Indonesia, which had reached five millions in 2016 based on official data of National Anti-Narcotics Agency (BNN). On the other hand, drug addiction has become one of the main causes of disease burden in the world. IMAN, as one of the leading nonprofit organizations focusing on mental and spiritual health, continues to develop education and research by collaborating in the international level.

The latest scientific socialization presented the most recent findings in handling addiction cases. Rapid changes at the trend of science and drugs of addiction, and evidence-based pharmacologic interventions provide additional knowledges for healthcare workers to understand drug problems, both old and new substances. In addition to lectures delivered by world-class addiction experts, WA 2018 also held workshops on improving skills in caring for drug abuse patients .

To meet the needs of health workers there were plenary lectures, symposiums, and workshops for professionals in the field of addiction, with a primary focus on medical care and addiction care in Indonesia. The comprehensive training in drug addiction is expected to reduce the lack of knowledge in emergency care, outpatient, inpatient, and drug rehabilitation center. 

Writer: Deni Adha Akbari
Editor: Miskatyas Putri Aransih