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Sharia-friendly Muslim site rewards users

Sharia-friendly Muslim site rewards users Los Angeles, Calif, August 14, 2018; “a Muslim lifestyle network”, is not just ano...

Sharia-friendly Muslim site rewards users

Los Angeles, Calif, August 14, 2018; “a Muslim lifestyle network”, is not just another Muslim Facebook alternative venture, it is a Muslim social media adventure. For starters it takes its name from the 36th chapter (surah) of the Quran. A chapter known, among other things for its reference to Man’s moral responsibility, a significant invocation to Muslims holding fast to identity while harnessing the tools and navigating the inescapable seductive convenience, social challenges, of today’s technological frontier, that binds and threatens culture and morals.

The name represents the Y(ya) and S(seen) in the Arabic alphabet and while it is spelled “yaseen”’s addition of an “h” does not alter the pronunciation and did satisfy domain name availability. The poetic license is characteristic of how yahseen. Net strives to invoke and please Islamic traditions, while app ealing to and satisfying social network conventional savvy. “In the Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful (in Arabic script) and Prayer Times welcome the visitor making it clear that the website is Muslim and favors Islamic values, while a Tour link takes the visitor to a comprehensive review of the social network features.

Continue Reading is standard feature rich. It has Photo Albums, Chat/IM, Music and video, Likes and invites, Friends and Groups, Birthdays and Events, Privacy and Member browsing. The look is very similar to Facebook and allows using Facebook or Twitter signup and login, Admin and Profile Editing, Prayer Times and restrictions against foul language, sexually explicit images, extremism and immoral behavior. In a nutshell the website is structured and equipped to satisfy Sharia Law and appeal to those who are seeking a social network alternative or just looking for basic social media stuff, that is sensitive to a Muslim lifestyle.

Ya also entices the user with Credits and Rewards for affiliation, participation and loyalty. The user/member is given redeemable merchandise credits for almost every act and reaction in the normal course of being socially active on the website. The credits accrue and periodically are redeemable in the community marketplace. Users/members can exchange and gift their credits and Credit/Rewards do not expire. The Marketplace will be established and developed from ad revenue and contain a variety of consumer items and projected to Open in the winter of 2019. is own and operated by Webshares® Inc, P.O. Box 2602, Chino, CA 91708-2602. For more information Contact Aysha:, 909.267.4012


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Source: Google News Muslim Lifestyle Network: Koranmu English