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Big Shot on Short Trip

   Numbers  Students of Primary School Teacher Education Study Program or known as PGSD from University of Prof. Dr. Hamka (UHAMKA) w...

Numbers Students of Primary School Teacher Education Study Program or known as PGSD from University of Prof. Dr. Hamka (UHAMKA) went for Field practice and insight Development Studies in more or less 10 days. Accompanied by the lecturers and some college employees, they visited at least three cities; Malang,Denpasar, and Jogja. The troop travelled by bus from Jakarta to Denpasar. Did not intend it to be a holiday, but it felt so much like it is. Could be said that it was an insightful and meaningful holiday. Every participants surely had so much fun during this field practice. They only had a very short time but it's enough for them to be able to learn about so many things and gave so many people a favor. 

What did they do during the field practice?
 First city to visit was Malang. The group visited an Islamic primary school in town named Madrasah Ibtidaiyah Al-Amin. When the first time they arrived, they were welcomed by the principal and teachers. Then, the group observed the school. The observation meant to found out which part of the school needed to be fixed or needed to get cleaned. After having the observation, the group helped the school to clean their environment and later they gave a counseling for the primary school members on how to keep self-hygiene. PGSD UHAMKA group also gave the school public needs such as fan, and trash bin for free. They put it on the place where it belongs.
They reorganized and decorate library to become more comfy and more attractive to trigger students' interest specifically in reading books. Not only decorating it, they also added more books to the library so the school library have more collections on its shelf. After cleaned up the environment, decorating library, etc, the group left the school and took a lunch break. After having a lunch break they continued to do the activities with the people who lives around. The group gave them a training on how to make a natural pesticide as a form of community service. And the last thing the group did at the day was giving a guidance to pray and recite Quran.
The day after that, the group continued to do the community service to people who lives in the village where they came to stay. The people were pleased to check their blood type. The group also helped the people to clean up their environment. After the group done the community service, they explore Tiban Duren Mosque; getting to know the history behind its building, etc. 
And finally, the group ended their trip in Malang by witnessing the beauty of Mount Bromo. Came to the top of the mountain with Jeep, driving across Pasir Berbisik, a great stretch of sand. Closing the service program by having a peaceful moment in nature. What a big shot on a short trip.

Written by: Mimin Ninawati, S.E., M.Pd
Occupancy: Lecturer Of Primary School Teacher Education Study Program of Faculty of Teacher Training, UHAMKA
Phone Number: 081280007714