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Break the outbreak with share and care

At the beginning of 2020, the world was shocked by the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) which has infected almost all countries in the...

At the beginning of 2020, the world was shocked by the outbreak of the coronavirus (Covid-19) which has infected almost all countries in the world. Since January 2020, WHO has declared the world into a global emergency related to this virus.

Regarding the situation, the government made a regulation that obliges everybody to apply health protocols and all activities outside will be temporarily suspended or knows as PSBB (Large-Scale Social Restrictions) in accordance with regulations issued by the Ministry of Health (Kemenkes) in the context of Accelerating Handling of COVID-19. So that it can be immediately implemented in various regions. PSBB regulations are recorded in the Minister of Health Regulation Number 9 of 2020.

Implementing PSBB has an impact on schools and universities, all students are studying online at home. All activities from early to late level students are carried out online or commonly known as PJJ (distance learning).

Therefore, final year students of the Teacher Education and Elementary School Education Study Program (PGSD), Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) Prof. Dr. Hamka (Uhamka) doing field Work Practicesactivities in the Bekasi area of Kranggan.

The group is divided into sections. Our group chose the Bekasi Kranggan area as the main destination for field work practices and insight development studies in the form of Community Service activities. The Kranggan Bekasi area has a very supportive environment for us to do the fieldwork practice because the people are still doing activities at the mosque.

The Field Work Practices carried out by FKIP UHAMKA students have a different concept from previous years, at this year we held a concept of community service with the situation in the current pandemic, by doing activities directly which of course still comply with the health protocols and those who do through social media. This year's Field Work Practices are carried out by students devoting themselves to an environment that is considered stable enough, and can be used as a place for Field Work Practices, and not areas with a high number of Covid-19 positive cases or a red zone.

By always implementing the health protocol, which are; wearing the mask, washing hands with soap and running water, keep the distance, moving away from crowds, and limiting mobilization and interaction (known as 5M), we urge and broadcast the surrounding community in efforts to prevent Covid-19, such as:

a. Distributing masks to the community, residents of RW 012.

b. Disseminating 5M activities (wearing masks, maintaining distance, washing hands, avoiding crowds, and limiting mobility) by placing banners in the community, residents of RW 012.

c. Reprimand residents of RW 012 who do not comply with health protocols.

Then in Kemuhammadiyahan, our field work practices group facilitated several banners about how to maintain health with the 5M protocol then there were hygiene tools and other tools to maintain health protocols that we gave to the mosque in the Kranggan Bekasi area. The activities carried out by group 3 were to be more beneficial to the community, and the activities were visiting the Al-Muhajirin Mosque and distributing masks at the BTN Kranggan Bekasi housing, giving hand sanitizers, trash cans, mops, brooms, masks, scoops, clean the bathrooms at the Al-Muhajirin mosque and we also did some mutual cooperation activities, such as helping to clean the area of the Al-Muhajirin mosque, cleaning the outside of the mosque, arranging some messy sandals, cleaning up the mukena, prayer room, mopping the mosque, etc.

So that when prayer is held, they still maintain health protocols. When we provided assistance in the form of cleaning equipment, masks, and disinfectants, our group gave an appeal in the form of suggestions and input to mosque administrators in efforts to prevent Covid-19, such as:

a. Promote 5M activities (Wearing Masks, Keep the Distance, Washing Hands, Avoiding Crowds, and Limiting Mobility).

b. Reprimand if there are congregants or residents who violate health protocols.

c. Provide a handsanitizer or wash hands tools in the mosque area.

Our other field work practices group activities were teaching some children about how to write beautiful works of art such as calligraphy. Besides that, we always teach and urge the surrounding children to always implement health protocols in preventing transmission of the Covid-19 virus. The methods we provide are:

a. Get used to using masks when you are on the move outside the home.

b. Always keep your distance outside the house.

c. Avoid the crowd.

d. Get in the habit of washing hands or using handsanitizer

e. Limiting mobility and interaction.

Written by: Group 3/Mimin Ninawati, S.E., M.Pd 

Occupancy: Lecturer Of Primary School Teacher Education Study Program of Faculty of Teacher Training, UHAMKA


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